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Finding a clean energy source is a well-known challenge in the struggle to slow global warming and protect the environment. But what is not as well known is that every day, real solutions to this energy problem are being discovered by small companies responding to this challenge. BioDyne Industries Inc. (BioDyne) is one such company.  At BioDyne Industries, we are committed to finding new technologies and services that will provide companies with a viable and sustainable energy solution, which will help to preserve the environment for future generations.

It is BioDyne’s goal to show that a waste product (carbon dioxide) can be recycled into something useful instead of being pumped into the ground for storage. BioDyne uses a low energy technology to directly convert carbon dioxide into biomethanol.

Our new biological process is ideal to help meet the demand for sustainable energy while utilizing current infrastructure, thereby filling a current market void for an eco-friendly methanol.  This method provides a true alternative to traditional energy intensive production methods which utilize fossil fuels.  

Let us help you achieve your sustainability goals so we can begin solving these challenges together.  

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